Rudy Rupak

About Rudy Rupak:


Rudy Rupak

Rudy Rupak is an entrepreneur first and foremost. Rudy has always had a business oriented mind, wanting to run his own functions. He knew it would take effort and time to achieve his goals but this did not sway him. Rudy was set to begin his working life as an entrepreneur from the time he was in high school.

Born in Chiswick London, Rudy moved while growing up but has since settled in Los Angeles, California. Rudy’s global travels have given him the insight to learn about people, businesses, and the world in general. His success on the big screen and off can be attributed to this advantage.

Entrepreneurial Life:

Rudy Rupak began his entrepreneurial life when he was still in high school. As a student Rudy saw a niche market of underprepared students within his school. He then began selling various office supplies to other students. Rudy had cornered the market at his school and provided himself with a decent income. After Rudy observed his fellow students more he saw yet another niche. Soon Rudy began renting VHS tapes and out of his locker. Business boomed and was later transitioned into starting a string of movie rental stores while still in highschool.

After Rudy’s first few ventures he later went on to develop his first official company. His company called KEYWORD revolutionized the desktop publishing industry. In 1987 Rudy sold his company to a buyer that later transformed to IBM Canada.

Upon the sale of Rudy’s handwritten software he veered down a different path. Rudy had also been attracted to the medical industry and helping people and so he enrolled in medical school. There he learned about how the industry functions as a whole and thus sparked ideas for a future venture.

However prior to that, Rudy started his next company: Millennium Multimedia. He loved the process of taking a concept for a movie, honing it into a targeted and well written masterpiece and then producing and showing off the work to millions of fans. Rudy spent two years learning the ins and out of the movie production industry before creating Millennium Multimedia in 1995. The company, like Rudy’s others, was a success as it produced two films and two video games. The first and most noteworthy film produced by the company was entitled Snowboard Academy, starring Jim Varney, Corey Haim, and Brigitte Nielsen.  The second film was “She’s Too Tall For Me” a 1997 comedy.

More of Rudy Rupak’s Career:

In 1996 Rudy took Millennium Multimedia public on NASDAQ with the sign (PINC). He shortly made the transition into a new role after Millennium went public at American Apparel. Rudy was the Chief Technical Officer at American Apparel for three years where he helped the company develop its technical direction.

Inspired by his wife’s necessity for good healthcare while overseas and his previous observations of the medical industry, Rudy launched ContactStation. ContactStation was the first medical call center in Thailand. This business later bloomed into its own industry known as Medical Tourism.

Medical Tourism:

Rudy Rupak can be considered the founding father of Medical Tourism. ContactStation provided an innovative way for people to access healthcare. Medical Tourism is essentially the process of traveling abroad from one’s country of residence to access healthcare operations such as treatment and surgeries at a lower cost and a higher value.

ContactStation transformed into PlanetHospital. PlanetHospital has been responsible for over 20,000 treatments. The company handled all arrangements for patients while also offering premium services ranging from travel plans, hospital & hotel recommendations, as well as reputable doctors, and even concierge services. In 2006, Rudy was credited with the very first international surrogacy which took place in India. He later went on to introduce the concept to Mexico and Panama. His proud achievements are also being the first to introduce gay surrogacy overseas and the first to arrange an HIV+ surrogacy outside of the United States.

Current Ventures:

Rudy currently invests in start-up companies by coming up with plans to fine tune their internet marketing. Rudy focuses on mobile search engine optimization because this is becoming most prevalent as millennials currently spend a huge amount of time on their smartphones, sharing and following on social media. Rudy believes technology is in the midst of changing the function of current banking and all telecommunication.